Seconds Sale Mystery Grab Bags
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Seconds Sale Mystery Grab Bags

Regular price $21.00 Sale price $36.00 Unit price per

♡ Each mystery bag contains 3 different seconds pins, totaling up to a $36 value, but are available for a special discounted price! Mystery bags are all completely random, but all have the possibility of containing any of our pin designs, including sold out/discontinued designs ♡


♡ What is a seconds pin?


Seconds pins are slightly less than perfect grade pins and are sold at a discount. All second grade pins are still super cute & wearable, and have usually very tiny and almost unnoticeable flaws that don't take away from the overall look of the pins.

Some examples of these imperfections are tiny scratches in the metal or enamel, slight discoloration or oxidation in the metal plating, or slight overfill/ underfill in the enamel.

Since these are sold at a discount, returns and exchanges are not applicable for seconds pins. Please note that the pictures in this listing are of standard grade pins only as an example of the designs available.