Pietro Teddy Bear Glitter Sticker

$4.00 Regular price $6.00
  • die-cut vinyl sticker with holographic glitter details
  • 3" on the longest side
  • Thick, durable vinyl, protected from scratches, water & sunlight.
  • Actual print colors may differ slightly from your monitor screen colors, as printing has more color restrictions

Each batch of pins and earrings is individually inspected for imperfections. Due to enamel pins being handmade, no pin will ever be truly flawless. For a more detailed breakdown on different gradings, please read below!


Standard Grade: 

♡ Standard pins may have minor imperfections upon close up inspection, but are as close to flawless as they get

♡ Some examples of these imperfections are tiny specks of dust in the enamel, slight overfill or underfill in the enamel, very minor discoloration or oxidation in the metal plating, very minor scratches or scuffs in the enamel or metal.


Seconds Grade: 

♡  Seconds pins are slightly less than perfect grade pins and are sold at a discount. All second grade pins are still super cute & wearable, and have usually very tiny and almost unnoticeable flaws that don't take away from the overall look of the pins.

♡  Some examples of these imperfections are tiny scratches in the metal or enamel, slight discoloration or oxidation in the metal plating, or slight overfill/ underfill in the enamel.